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Originally Posted by mum2James&Bean View Post
Boy oh boy. I hope you have a sling, and know how to use it! I'd just hoard your LO away from your MIL and balls to what she thinks about it. As for the nursing- it's your baby, your body, you can do what you want with them. Maybe after spending some time with y'all, she'll come to realize how incredibly easy nursing truly is.

Posts like this make me very thankful to have an amazing MIL. I wish everyone could have my experience
I've got a sling (a moby to be exact). I think I am going to figure out how to wrap it on me tomorrow. My MIL is normally really awesome and I get along great with her but things like this just frustrate me because she is insistent on the fact that according to her "bottles are easier". I was like can't get much easier than popping her on my boob and then I laughed. I really hope she comes to terms with it after she is up here.

Clarientb--I think I am going to have her help out with things like cleaning up around the house (she's anal retentive about that) and that sort of thing.
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