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Re: Poly-Sol Vitamins and BFing

DD's dr recommended them because of the vitamin D. We were living in an urban area (gets less sunlight because of buildings and pollution), during the winter (again less sun), with a population that was mostly african-american (have a harder time absorbing sun to make vitamin d). He said he never used to recommend them, but he had a baby that was exclusively bf get RICKETS! He said he couldn't believe it and since then has given vitamins to all his bf patients.

I gave them to her a few times, but I just tried to make sure she got a little sun and since she is white, she shouldn't have had too much trouble absorbing it. Now that it is summer and we moved to the suburbs, I wouldn't give them.

I guess I might give vitamins based on the situation. If you were in the situation described above, you might want to consider it, but if there isn't a specific reason that your baby wouldn't be getting the right vitamins, I wouldn't bother.
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