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Re: Clueless - What do I take to the hospital?

We took soooo much stuff! It was like we were palnning on moving in! I didnt use half of what I took!
A moo-moo!!! that was my favorite thing! I could unbutton it to BF but I was still dressed enough that when company came I didnt worry about being exposed.
Hair ties!!!!
Basic toiletries. Toothbrush, hairbrush.....
I couldnt sleep the entire 3 days I was there! So at night while hubby slept I read magazines.
Food. And food for hubby! They brought me food but it was too expensive for hubby to eat every meal so my sister brought us soup and breakfast bars.
Just remember that everything you take you have to bring back! We had to borrow a cart to haul everything to the car. All that stuff and the baby was too much!
good luck, it is sooooo worth it!
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