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Help! Fenugreek?

I've been ebf my 9 wk old. I normally have oversupply issues and forceful letdown. All of the sudden it's like I have no milk. I know it could be my supply adjusting to what he needs,but I am really feeling like I am running low. My period is trying to start and I think that may be the problem. I am just very concerned since the last time my ds tried to nurse he hardly got any. I am not letting down either and I was up until around noon today. I know pumping isn't a good indicator,but I normally can pump at least 2 ounces per side and today I'm getting less then a ounce per side. Should I start taking fenugreek? If I do start it will my milk become dependent on it? My lo has never had a bottle and I really do not want to give him one. I have over 100 oz of bm frozen just in case,but I am really hoping it can stay frozen. Any advice is appreciated!
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