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I am shaking I am so mad!!!! ok so backround here there is a boy down the street that was excited another boy moved into the neighborhood, well he and tay played for a few weeks then suddenly there were daily excuses why he couldnt play well one day his mom hid him from taiven sayin the boy wasnt home when taiven saw him with his own eyes and he left DEVISTATED crying for days about it thought something was wrong with him and everything. well we have not let him go there after that because the point was made he obviously was done palying with tiaven well he has friends over today and they keep passing by the front of the house yelling Taiven Taiven paul wants to play OH WAIT NO HE DOESNT!!!!! hahahahaha and cackling about it so we caught them another time they did it and Neil of course handled it poorly called them little sh**s and that it was uncalled for
so I told him to go have a talk with his parents so he is there doing that right now ...Ok the father was cool about it Neil explained taiven has aspergers and that causes social issues so that may be why the boys were not great playmates. But it was not right for the boys to come by calling for the poor kid to play who would have been oblivious that they were making fun of him! so the father had all the boys come to the house and appologize to us and I didn't call Taiven out because THANK god he never heard it all in the first place!...Just needed to vent before I lost my cool...but at least the fathers handled this correctly MAN this stuff is rough!!!
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