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Re: Questions about going back to work and daycare...

This is what I know:

In a home freezer BM will keep for about 3 months, in the fridge it is good for 8 days, and it can keep in a cooler with ice packs for up to 24 hours. Also it is good at room temp. for 4 hours. Once it has been dethawed, it shoud never be re-frozen.

I left my dd with g-ma last week (she is 8 weeks) and she only took about 2 oz. I would start out with a 4 oz. bottle and then see how much she takes and adjust the amount in the subsequent feedings. I think 4 oz. is pretty normal for this age.

This is a good link for milk storage guidelines - it's a table that would be real easy to print out and give to your caretaker:

Good luck mama!
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