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Re: Questions about going back to work and daycare...

i worked at acenter for 3 years, here were our rules (same for bm or formula)

- bottles could sit out and be re-offered for up to one hour after babe started eating, after that they had to be thrown away. if baby ate any at all, they had to be finished in that one hour period. so send smaller bottles- usually 2-3 oz for the really young ones

-babies eat different at a center than at home sometimes. when we were giving orientation to a new parent, we recommended like a pp said- at least 1 bottle for every 2 hours, and a couple extra. after a few days to a few weeks, depending on the baby, we'll be able to see how much hes eating, and it will be easier to know how many bottles to send in, and how much to put in each bottle

and at our center at least, we werent allowed to make/mess with bottles, ao we couldnt have bags that we had to pour into bottles. they had to be labled with the name date and contents
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