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Re: Questions about going back to work and daycare...

My LO goes to an in-home daycare so the rules are little more lax.

At first, assume that she will eat 1 oz for every hour that she is away with you. Then, maybe send some more as extra just in case.

I send 4 - 4 oz storage bottles of fresh bm that they pour into the drinking bottles. She eats anywhere from 12-16 oz a day (until she started reverse cycling last week and now its only 7 oz...ACK!).
I told them that if she did not finish a bottle of FRESH milk, then they can reheat and give to her for the next feeding.
For frozen milk, I ask that they use it first, and do not reheat it.

If you can't send storage bottles, I would start with 2-3 oz bottles so you aren't wasting as much. You'll find a pattern develop over a the first week to month. LO bfs every 2.5 hrs at home, but she goes 3-4 hrs between feedings at daycare cause there's just too much to see!

As PP said, refridgerated FRESH milk can last 8 days. Thawed BM - 24 hrs, Frozen BM can be frozen for 3 months in your freezer, or 6 months in a deep freeze.

Good luck! Its hard going back to work
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