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Re: Warning-Stupid Question Alert!

Originally Posted by tararaboomdeea
OK, sooo, how do I clean my washer?? Is that stupid?

I mean, do I use regular detergent to clean it, or something else?

I think I have build up in my washer because I washed 2 brand new diapers last night and saw bubbles in the water. There couldn't be build up on new diapers, so I think I need to wash my washer!

How often should I wash my washer?
Do you have soft water, by chance?

We do and I was having issues with bubbles & clothes not rinsing...turned out even though I was filling the cap with detergent to the lowest line, it was still about 5 times more than I needed. Washer Man told me I only need to fill it up about a centimeter.

As far as cleaning the washer, I do about the same thing the link says.
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