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Re: any tips for traveling w/ cds?

We've traveled twice with cds now, and I always just did a load of laundry at the hotel before coming home (mostly because we needed the clean diapers, but I also found it easier to pack clean diapers than try to muscle around a huge, heavy wet bag).

When we were driving, we kept the wet bag outside the car (on the wheelless trailer, for easy access during diaper change stops - everything in the back of the car was kind of burried) but had it in the hotel at nights, and I didn't do anything special at all - no baking soda or ziplocks or anything, and it didn't smell up the room at all. Maybe ziplocks for poopies (my ds doesn't poop often, so I don't think we had any poopies in there).

But really, in the car, you've got fresh air coming in through the AC constantly. It would have to be REALLY stinky to get gross, esp if it were in the back of the car - I think our car ends up with better air cicrulation than ds's room - lol.

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