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Re: I Need Lunch Kit Help...Please

I only bought lunch on Hoagie Day once/month in school, so lemme think of what Mom made me...
-carrot chips (sliced on the diagonal w/ a wavy chopper from Pampered Chef--but now I see them in the produce aisle already cut) w/ ranch dressing
--lunch meat/cheese roll-ups (no bread)
--my 'special' lunch: cocktail weenies boiled in water and stored in a Thermos...was still hot at lunch time and I loved those baby weenies!
--cheese cut w/ cookie cutters in stars/moons
--Juicy Juice box: Mom always froze it to keep the other things cold and added a metal spoon so if it wasn't 100% defrosted, I could rip the top off and eat it like a slushie...yum!

Ok...that's all I can remember. And she always wrote a note on my napkin, or drew a funny face. I loved that!
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