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Re: EBF??

Originally Posted by mommy21princess View Post
As for bottles, I disagree with what the above pp said heres why: Fist of all when you're going on a diet do you keep sweets around? When you're trying to stop smoking do you keep cigarrarts around? (Okay so I can't spell sorry. ) Anyway my point is, if you have formula and a baby bottle chances are MUCH higher that you're going to allow yourself to give in to them when the going gets tuff. sure bfing is hard especially in the beginning but if you add formula and bottles to the mix your BOUND to eventually NOT bf and be sucked into the formula world.
I so agree!

I NEVER had bottles or formula in the house (and never will), I never saw the need for them! Why would I when I was going to be BFing and was/am a SAHM!
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