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Re: Questions about going back to work and daycare...

My son has been at Daddy Daycare since he was 6 weeks. ( my dh wouldn't chuckle at being called "daddy daycare"!)

I did have to tell him how to do the milk. Here is what we follow

I express milk every morning (5am-6am). That fresh milk is used first, lasts for 5 hours room temperature. (I've read anywhere from 4-8 hours). If baby doesn't drink it all....we have given it back to him. If he didn't drink it within the 5 hours..fridge it goes.

Warm it water in a bowl...put bottle in/ or heat a bowl of water in microwave...put bottle in.

FROZEN....I would freeze any milk left over on Fridays. I use the First Years Bags (from BRU and found them to be great).

Frozen milk lasts 3 months (I don't have a deep freezer).
Defrost the milk...warm water....(dh hated doing it...took FOREVER....a few times when our friend watched the baby she said he would go NUTS while she was warming it up!)

Once the milk is warmed/frozen I tell dh he has to use it within an hour.

We learned......freeze no more than 4 oz. You can always pull the milk out 24 hours in advance from the fridge...but it has to be used within 24 hours.

I would send small amounts 2oz. My son is not a drinker! (I take that back...he likes it straight from the tap!)

I would leave 10-14 ounces and that sustained him during the time I was gone. I would basically nurse him from 5pm-5am....he wasn't/isn't the greatest sleeper.

I try to pump at least once during the work day (I didn't today or yesterday). That 4oz bottle plus the 4 oz. I pump in the am usually holds him over.

HTH and didn't confuse you!
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