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Re: I don't get EBF for 12 months?

To be honest, I don't get it either. Neither of my two decreased the amount they breastfed when they started solids. Solids was in addition not instead of.
Both my guys were watching us eat, grabbing at our spoons, smacking their lips watching us eat. I LOVE feeding my lo, he gets so excited that he makes oou! oou! oou! sounds and waves his little arms and leans into the spoon. It's so stinkin cute.

I get so confused when people say there is no nutritional value in anything but bm. Obviously bm is wonderful and I'm 110% in favor of bfing, but there is also plenty of value in cereals (especially iron & b-vitamins) veggies and fruits too.

There is also no evidence to say that delaying solids prevents allergies. That WAS the theory but it wasn't born out in studies. A friend of mine has a huge number of food allergies and her allergist confirmed that. It was a good theory but it didn't turn out to be true.
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