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Re: I don't get EBF for 12 months?

When, at 6 mo, I offered dd a little cereal on a spoon she looked at me like, "Momma! You've been holding out on me!", gobbled it all down, and cried for more. Until she became a toddler, every single thing I made her was eaten with joy. She just loves to eat.

To me it was important just to read her clues and do what she needed- she was nursing so much by 6 months, and still seeming hungry, that it made sense to give solids a try. And yes, she did get nutrition from those solids, her sleep improved, and she just loved eating more and more. It was important for me to realize that as pro-breast as I am, and as much as I kept bm the basis of her diet, she needed more than my milk after a while and that was fine.
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