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Re: I don't get EBF for 12 months?

Originally Posted by Griffinsmom View Post
I get so confused when people say there is no nutritional value in anything but bm. Obviously bm is wonderful and I'm 110% in favor of bfing, but there is also plenty of value in cereals (especially iron & b-vitamins) veggies and fruits too.
Cereal has nothing they're not getting from bm. Fruits & veggies, some but still doesn't compete w/bm.

Originally Posted by Griffinsmom View Post
There is also no evidence to say that delaying solids prevents allergies. That WAS the theory but it wasn't born out in studies. A friend of mine has a huge number of food allergies and her allergist confirmed that. It was a good theory but it didn't turn out to be true.
If someone starts baby on solids before the lining of the gut is sealed, there is a significantly higher chance of a reaction to it. Off to find some specifics to cite...
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