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Re: I don't get EBF for 12 months?

Originally Posted by luvmy2girls View Post
Cereal has nothing they're not getting from bm. Fruits & veggies, some but still doesn't compete w/bm.

If someone starts baby on solids before the lining of the gut is sealed, there is a significantly higher chance of a reaction to it. Off to find some specifics to cite...

What cereal has that bm doesn't is iron, or so I'm told and have read. Again, to me it's not about "competing with bm" because it's not about giving solids instead of bm, it's in addition to bm and given after feeds so as not to decrease the amount of bm a baby drinks.

The info on allergies not being prevented by delaying came from an allergist. It was interesting because a couple of years ago with her first baby, he had recommended that she delay introduction of certain foods, but in her last appointment he was telling her that the most recent studies suggest that it does not help prevent allergies as they had thought it would (because of teh idea that the gut isn't selaed etc). So for her second child he just suggested to start at 6 months or thereabouts and to introduce foods slowly and carefully, giving each new food for at least 5 days in a row so that she would be able to assess how baby was doing with each one. He still recommended to be careful with the highly allergic foods such as nuts, but said that was more a common sense caution than with the idea that delaying giving it would prevent allergies.

I also think it's important when reading articles about "delaying the introduction of solids" to see what their definition of "delaying is. Almost everything I've read described "delaying" as introducing after 4-6 or 6 months. To me that's not delayed, that's the typical but I guess that's because I'm of the younger generation.
It's really crazy talking to people my parents age that talk about how they started feeding their babies solids at 2 weeks!! My mom claims I was eating just about anything they ate but in pureed form by six weeks. When people of that age comment on how happy and easy going my babies are, I always think "ya because they don't have belly aches from trying to digest all that food! "
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