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11 week old refusing to nurse in the evenings...

So my baby girl will be 11 weeks tomorrow...

Background info: Trouble latching for first month...pumped, used nipple shield. Finally latched at 4.5 weeks and have been doing GREAT since then...

Until this week...

Early in the week she started mashing my nipple (comes out pointed). She was only doing that in the evenings. I used lansinoh for a few evenings and it seems a lot better, although she still does it from time to time.

Last evening she showed me hunger cues (~5pm) so I tried to feed her...she went into full blown meltdown - arching her back and everything. I tried a few different times to feed her but each time she'd get really upset. I finally pumped off a half ounce and gave it to her in the bottle - then did a quick switcher-oo and popped my nipple in and she ate decently. Ate fine for the rest of the evening and overnight and all day today...

Until 5pm again this evening...same kind of thing... hunger cues - tried to feed... terrible crying! ... she calms with walking and is now content with her paci. I gave her a half ounce that I pumped off and tried the switcher-oo again tonight, but she didn't want it.

She has been nawing on her fists this past week trying to find her thumb - so maybe she's teething? But wouldn't that bother her more than just at 5pm? She's napping right now so I hope when she wakes up she'll eat good like she did late last night.

I've read a bit at kellymom about nursing strikes, but that looks like those involve refusing all feedings...

Anyone else have anything like this happen?

by the way...nothing in her environment has changed recently - I'm still on maternity leave...until Monday. I really hope this gets figured out before I go back next week
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