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Re: I don't get EBF for 12 months?

Originally Posted by Griffinsmom View Post
What cereal has that bm doesn't is iron, or so I'm told and have read. Again, to me it's not about "competing with bm" because it's not about giving solids instead of bm, it's in addition to bm and given after feeds so as not to decrease the amount of bm a baby drinks.
Babies will eat until full, so if they need- let's say- 600 kcal/day, to eat 100kcal worth of cereal, is 100 kcal less of bm.

Originally Posted by Griffinsmom View Post
I also think it's important when reading articles about "delaying the introduction of solids" to see what their definition of "delaying is. Almost everything I've read described "delaying" as introducing after 4-6 or 6 months. To me that's not delayed
I consider delaying solids waiting until closer to 9 months, and most of the articles on kellymom suggested EBF for 6-9 months for various reasons.
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