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Re: 11 week old refusing to nurse in the evenings...

True nursing strikes involve an older baby, really... you're talking about feeding aversions at this point, and I've BTDT.

Some possibilities:
1) overactive letdown? May be related to Hindmilk/foremilk, which would probably show as green frothy poop and an unhappy babe overall.
2) allergies (something in milk bothering her -- any green/mucousy poop or rashes beyond typical baby acne or anything?)
3) nipple confusion/preference -- very strong possibility since you mentioned both nipple shield and managing to switch her w/ the bottle?
4) reflux -- some reflux babies like to eat nonstop and some start refusing sometimes... my allergy kid was also a reflux baby. Reflux can be traditional (unhappy spitter) or silent where you can't see it is happening but the babe will be miserable and you may hear frequent wet hiccups, hate being put on their back, etc.
5) typical lower evening supply creating frustration. No real "problem" here, you just have to convince her to latch more in the evenings to up your supply to a point she's happy at. You might try darkness, music, rocking, nursing in the shower, nursing in a sling...

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