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Re: I don't get EBF for 12 months?

Wow, nice topic.
I waited to start my dd on solids until 6 months, at that time she only got like 2 TBSpns of solids and only ONCE a week. The ONLY reason I started was because I was tired of having ppl ask WHY we hadn't started her on solids. I chose to try to EBF for the 12months because ALL of my individual research showed that waiting was in turn better for a breastfed baby. Solids should only be a PRACTICE food during the first 12 months of life. I've only found evidence supporting that allergies are prevented if solids are offered later in life, no differently than we are to wait to give Cow milk until after 12months to help prevent belly problems.

As for when a baby is ready: I also agree that many ppl give babies food too early because One: The older generations (our parents/inlaws...) are telling us that baby should be eating by Xmonths. Two I think that many ppl think they're babies are ready to eat because they watch intensly well I disagree with this. Many babies are simply mimicing what they see. If you smoke a toddler will ACT like it's smoking, my dd constanty feeds babies with bottles even though she's NEVER had one but she has seen it done by others. Our babies are learning something everyday and they are watching what we do. I think that if we were playing with fire they'd wanna do that too because it's something WE do not because they are physically ready for it. Babies are smart but we are parents and we need to be the ones to decide when the baby REALLY needs the extra food.

As for those who started early and didn't run into problems with bfing that's GREAT, for us though if I wouldv'e let my dd have food all the time she would've and wouldn't have continued nursing, she LOVES to eat even now as a toddler that's all she thinks about. I feel like I did what was best for HER by waiting to start her on solids and give her the stuff I knew was best for her.

As for EBF I think most of the time it does me exclusive bf with NOTHING else but it can also mean as the only source of drink. My dd had nothing else to drink except a tiny bit of water until after a year and still hasn't had cow milk except for in her cereal at 2 years.
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