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Re: 11 week old refusing to nurse in the evenings...

Lindsay - thanks so much for your reply
1) and 2) - poops are normal. And it's only happening in the evening so far - wouldn't milk/food problems be an all the time thing?
3) At this point, I think her only nipple confusion would be from her pacifier. She hasn't seen a nipple shield in 7 weeks. And has only had maybe 3 bottles during that whole time. Just last week she started a love affair with her paci though...she has always had a strong need to suck and until last week was constantly sucking on my pinky finger to fall asleep or during her fussy times. Now she uses the paci for those times. She can go all day without needing it, but in the evening and to stay asleep she uses it.
4) I was wondering if it might be reflux...she spits up very rarely, but last evening when she was crying so hard, my hubby managed to get her calmed down and then she was making noises kinda like you described. ...again though, strange that it's only in the evening...
5) No problem with my supply - I make enough for triplets! She's been dealing with that amount since the beginning though so I know how to read her signs if she's getting too much too fast - she didn't get on enough to even do any of that. Just screamed as I even laid her on my lap and opened my shirt. I pumped at the end of the evening after she had refused all night and got just under 7 oz total.

Sarah - I'm thinking teething again... late last night I stuck my finger in her mouth and she was content to just leave it sitting on her gums. Not sucking. Not chewing. Just having it in her mouth. I'm not sure as sucking actually hurts her at this point though because she took the paci all night long...just wouldn't nurse. And she wasn't even upset all evening - a lot of it yes, but she still enjoyed her dipe changes, was able to take a few small catnaps, and was smiling when her daddy got home at 8:30. Very clingy, but not a basket case....just woulnd't nurse even though showing hunger signs.
I WISH I could refuse to give her any bottles...but I return to work full time on Monday :Cry: I just hope that doesn't make things even rougher.

...all that being said ... my top 3 thoughts are...

Teething. (Is it worse in the evenings?)
Nipple confusion.

Oh yeah - it's 2am. She slept from 10-1:45 and just took a normal night time feed with no problems.
- Andrea -
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