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Re: I don't get EBF for 12 months?

Originally Posted by luvmy2girls View Post

I love when everyone says, s/he was watching and grabbing food from my plate, so I knew they were ready. I'm thinking, if they were grabbing your beer would you let them have that, too???
No, we wouldn't. Instead we would give them something "developmentally appropriate" that their immature systems could handle. I know lots of toddlers who like to cook, but obviously should NOT be around a real hot stove. So what do we give them? PLAY kitchens to practice with. Safe, developmentally appropriate. If there is something out there that a baby wants to imitate, you can find a toy that will "enable" them. (Or they just make up their own!)
It's more than just watching and grabbing, it's sitting, crawling, loss of tongue thrust, etc. But they do need to be interested otherwise you are wasting your time and baby's time.
Don't anyone think I'm knocking EBF for 12 months here. I'm NOT. Everyone has their own personal reasons for what they do, and I don't dare judge someone else who has a different baby, lifestyle, etc. But I do like to learn from them.
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