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Re: help with supply

I did the pump and work business with my DS (now 5) until he was 12 months old. I worked as a music teacher and my schedule was different every day. I could always get in two pumping sessions (and it sounds like you're doing great if you can get in two sessions during the day and also nurse her once That kind of adds up to 3 sessions!)
I did pump first thing in the morning at home AFTER DS did his morning nursing. Your body has a lot of milk then and it is helpful to get the "leftovers." I did it on the weekends too. It was a PITA, but it made me feel more secure to have those extra ounces. I also got nervous about supply and pumped after he went to bed, too.
I too sent DS two 4 oz bottles of BM and I didn't get the chance to nurse him during the day the way you do. I did send some frozen in case of growth spurts, etc. and it mostly just sat in the freezer. Once he weaned at 12 months, I had TONS of frozen milk that I ended up throwing away. (I stored it in bags and then put the bags in empty boxes that used to have those little stuffed chicken thingies in them from Sam's club. I threw away at least 2 of those boxes full! )
My friend who had a baby the day before me and had a more regular schedule pumped at 7:30 (right before the students came to her classroom) and at 10:30 (when her class went to PE every day). Sometimes she pumped at 2:45 (when the kids left) and then left as soon as she was allowed to at 3:15.

It sounds like you are doing great. If she seems hungry the people caring for her at the daycare center will let you know and you can send more. Until then, keep on keeping on and just freezed any extra you have. (Then be sure and send the oldest frozen stuff before it goes off so that you can still make use of it and continue to stockpile.)
If you really want to add a pumping session, try right after the first morning's feed.
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