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Re: 11 week old refusing to nurse in the evenings...

So she took a great feeding at 6am and then woke up at 7am... very happy and smiling but as soon as she was hungry at 8:30 I tried to feed her and BAM...right back to screaming, arching etc... I gave her a half ounce that I had pumped and was able to switch her on.

Then we napped together and she woke at 10:30 and did the same thing again...this time I only gave her a couple sucks on the bottle and switched her over.

She's napping again now so we'll see what she does when she wakes up.

I did call the LC and she suggested trying a dropper to start the feeding with, not the I have that all ready to try if we need it.

This is just tearing me apart... I really don't need her refusing "me" this close to me having to go back to work...
(I know she's not refusing me... it just feels that way)...
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