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Re: 11 week old refusing to nurse in the evenings...

Okay, I just skimmed your post and the other replies very quickly...I only have a couple of minutes before company comes over but I wanted to pipe in that my 3rd child had a nursing strike at 3 months he was probably only a week or two older than your baby now. He did the exact same thing; showed signs of fussiness/hunger, but would arch his back and scream at the breast. He did this for 5 days!!!! I took him to the pedi once to make sure there wasn't an obvious underlying problem and the only thing the ped could say was that his throat was a little red and perhaps it was sore. I dunno, I thought breast milk could make it feel better, but the little booger refused to nurse. We tried a bottle with pumped milk, too, but he refused that also.

What did work was nursing him in a warm bath or when he was asleep. I would just sneak my nipple into his mouth when he was very drowsy (or stroke his cheek to get him to root when he was asleep) and he would take it then. So for those 5 days he basically only nursed at night. I was on the verge of taking him back to the doctor when he woke up one morning and decided to nurse like nothing had ever been wrong.
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