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Need encouragement

Ok, last night I went to my local LLL meeting, hoping for support and encouragement to continue to strive for my long-term nursing goal of 3 years. DD will turn 1 next week, and I realize that 3 years is a long term goal, but it is one I really want to reach. I have always had supply problems because I work and have to pump during the day and no pump is as effecient as my DD is at nursing, so my supply has gotten worse and worse, to the point that 1/2 the breastmilk that goes with DD to DCP is my sister's (thank god for her abundant supply). Well, instead of getting support and encouragement I was told (by the LLL leader) that I needed to be more realistic and that DD may just not nurse until 3 years and she made a rude comment about my sister literally being a cow and still pumping even though her DD doesn't ever need a bottle (which she does to provide milk for both me and the local milk bank). After I left, I cried all the way home and as I put my LOs to bed. Someone PLEASE, just tell me I can make it!
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