Thread: Bad breastmilk?
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Bad breastmilk?

I am completely stopped up and can't smell anything. My dad came and watched the baby while I got some Christmas presents made/labeled/wrapped and the house picked up, and I sent him with some milk I had pumped on Tuesday.

I was going to put the rest in the freezer...opened up the bottles ready to pour in, and the smell nearly knocked me over. Smelled like rotten eggs. I called my dad and she had already eaten a bottle...

It was the same batch. I don't know how it got bad in that time frame...I did what I always do, and it's never like that. When my mom brought her in, she said her tummy felt really hard.

Did I poison my baby? She seems ok...what do I do? We've poured out everything I pumped Tuesday (). Thank goodness I have about 100oz in the freezer... but still!
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