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Re: new vax requirements here

If the missing documentation is not presented to the school by the due date, the student will not be allowed back into school until the required records have been provided.

This part can't be true. They need to re-word this document. In Maryland, you can certainly get an exemption. Do you have one already? I would call the school but be verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry polite about it b/c I've learned in general that when you try to go against the grain in school, it can be taken out on your child in various ways. (Long story.)** Anyway...I would call, say "I received this document, blah blah, and I just wanted to make sure that our exemption due to (blah blah reason--medical, religious, etc.) is still valid, because the language on the document doesn't include it."

**ETA: Your school might be cool with non-vax, but you never know, so you probably want to be very polite and patient. Keep in the back of your mind that this might sound weird or "different" to them, and present it in a patient way, and all should be fine. The fact is that legally, your child can attend school anyway. But they don't have to like it. You want to try to help them to like it. It will make it easier on everyone. Don't know why I came out with that one--you seem very polite--it's just something I was thinking of the other day when a bunch of parents at Colin's preschool got way defensive on the subject of vax, and I realized I should not have launched right into it--I should have understood that from their POV, it might sound really different.
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