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Re: How do you pump for twins so others can help and still breastfeed?

Thanks for all the comments. I am really stressed about BF'ing. I feel it has become something that seems so unnatural. What I mean is that people seems so shocked when I say I am going to BF twins. Haven't we been BF'ing since the beginning of time? Now I am starting to doubt my abilities.
The main reason I wanted help isn't even so much for me, but for my DD. The thing she talks about looking forward to the most is bottle feeding the babies. I feel bad. I am already feeling bad about how hard twins is going to be for her, so I just don't want her to feel left out of one more thing. She is so excited, and poor little thing has no idea whats in store for her.
Anyhow, I really appreciate all the input. It does seem much more practical to just feed them myself.
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