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Re: new vax requirements here

Oh! I see! I'm sorry, I didn't understand that. Yes, it's worded as if kids will not be allowed into public schools, period, unless they're standard-vaxed.

I hate that too.

Our former pediatrician did that as well. One time Colin was getting three shots in one sitting, and although back then I knew nothing about vax/autism or anything like that, I was a little surprised. I said, "Does he really have to get so many shots all at once?" and she got angry and said, "Do you want your child to get into public school or do you want a hassle?" Now...she didn't *specifically* say, "Your child must vax to get into public school," and she didn't specifically say "This exact vax is required to get into public school," but look at the way she worded that. I was terrified into accepting the shots. All 24 of them in a 24-month period.
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