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Re: Need encouragement

Well, DD LOVES her booby-time, so her trying to wean wasn't even part of my concern, my concern was about my supply which was completely ignored so she could tell me to get real about my goals and flatly insult my sister (which she has done several time before, both to me and to my sister's face). Luckily she isn't the regular leader of the evening group, our regular leader recently had another baby so she wasn't able to attend. I guess at the next meeting if our regular leader isn't there I will simply return the book I borrowed and leave. Seems like every time I am at a meeting with this particular leader running there she has something negative to say to me or about my sister. And it started at the first meeting either of us attended (and we go to different meetings so it wasn't like she knew we were related until about 2 months ago). It just feels like she has something against me, and I have no clue what or why. Kind of reminds me why I don't do playgroups. I enjoy the contact with other nursing moms and this meeting is the one thing a month I do for myself, I just never expected to be made to feel certain that I would fail at my goals and my DD would reject me, before last night that though had not crossed my mind, now it won't leave and I can hardly pump anything from the stress. I am just so mad!!!! Sorry, I just really needed to vent!
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