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Re: How do you pump for twins so others can help and still breastfeed?

Tell her when they get a little older you can pump some out so she can give them a bottle, maybe she'll understand that. It's SO hard the first couple of months that I think pumping when you don't have to is more work than it's worth, kwim?
I got my DS his own little baby to hold and feed, although he mostly tossed it on the ground, LOL. That might help a little.
I had nothing but awesome support when I said I was going to BFeed my twins. I'm sorry that people are giving you that reaction. I even had someone tell me about someone she knew EBFing her triplets, it just seems second nature to people around me I guess, LOL.
Just make sure you tell everyone around you that all you want is support to keep going, bring you water (you'll be RIDICULOUSLY thirsty) and things like that. Hopefully to keep you happy they'll do that, LOL!!
There's a ton of us here, if you need us PM us!
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