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Re: How do you pump for twins so others can help and still breastfeed?

congrats on your impending babies!! and on making the decision to nurse them. it will almost certainly be the most challenging and rewarding experience of your life.

many moms of twins find the EZ2nurse pillow invaluable. i didn't use it, and we are still nursing at 2 yo, so obviously its not the be all and end all of bfing twins, but to be honest, i think it would have been a great help for me in those early weeks.

i agree that pumping is way more work than nursing. you have to consider that its not just the time spent actually hooked up to the horns- you then have to clean up everything! warm the bottle, wash the bottle, wash the pump parts. ugh. if you do want to pump so your dd can feed a baby, i would recommend you do it either after that first nursing of the day (when you will have the most milk), or sometime in the middle of the night, when the babies are (HOPEFULLY) asleep. i used to pump after one of their middle of the night nursings. i actually enjoyed that time, i would sit and read, it was nice to have that time to myself.

you will find what works for you. the best thing you can do now is to learn about the benefits of bfing, connect with other bfing moms of twins, attend LLL meetings if there is one in your area. develop your support network. if you get discouragement from people, consider telling them exactly how that makes you feel, and that you would appreciate if they keep their negativity to themselves. your babies deserve your milk. just because they come in a pair doesn't make them any less deserving, or your body any less capable of producing it for them. you can do it. pm me if you want to talk or have any questions or concerns. i am happy to be a part of your support network.

as for your dd, don't worry too much (though i know that's just part of being a mom!!). im sure you will find ways of staying connected with her, and making sure she feels important too. you may have to gently remind other people (like the loads of strangers at the store that insist on stopping you everytime you turn around) that she is a proud big sister, or such a great helper, etc. when they are oohing and aahhhing over your twins. older sibs can get lost in that, but i think parents ar good at finding ways of navigating through that.

congrats again.
~helen~ mama to 6 yo tornado twins, jonas and micah and my 3 yo wild child, eli
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