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Re: I *thought* he was PLed, now what?

Great info... Actually he wears underwear at home all of the time. We only put a pull-up on him when we go to church or shopping. I make sure I offer him a super surprise when he keeps them dry and it usually works like a charm. Like today, he was dry all day. I had a meeting to attend and he wore a pull-up and kept it dry for 4 hours! He earned the entire family a dinner in a pizza place (eating in a restaurant is rare, usually it is carry out!). His brother kept thanking him for staying dry so we could go!

I *DID* talk to his preschool teacher at meet the teacher night tonight. She said not to worry (I do since he is the youngest!). This weekend DH and I are planning to praise the dryness and pretty much ignore the accidents other than asking him to "Take care of the problem" which means changing his underpants on his own. I am sure he will get it back together again! I just wish I could keep him at home until I KNEW he was back on track.

Thanks again for the great feedback!!
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