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Re: Is this normal...warning long, sorry

Originally Posted by negrapy View Post
i dont think its un-normal but i dont think its necessary either for the eating portion of nursing at least - many babies also comfort suck and some need it more than others -which your little one might be doing - however either way your lo will not nurse this much forever even if it feels like it some days -

if you need more of a break to eat, shower, go potty etc - try Doc Jack's online articles and videos to increase milk intake in less time and protect your future milk supply by making sure the baby empties the breast instead of just sipping -

my first would spend 40 minutes to an hr each side and then feel that if he werent sleeping (in arms) or sucking on a finger that he should start up again within 15 minutes - the poor baby had awful awful colic and it took a lot of work to teach him to eat and not just snacky after a lot of time spent using me as a human pacifer - luckily my second didnt have awful colic - just the textbook kind and did not feel a need to be attached in the same manner - being held suficed for him - so he ate about 30 minutes and even would refuse to latch and eat unless at least 2 hrs had passed - go figure ?!?!?

where is that hide under a paper bag smiley that i should be using after posting this -

Better find your bag... The "snacking" will keep your milk supply up... there's really no need to discourage snacking. In the early weeks I would wake a sleeping baby if baby falls asleep at breast and encourage baby to eat more. But there is more danger to your milk supply in spaced apart long feedings than in closely spaced short ones. And lets face it: how many snacks do you eat in a day? And you're not trying to double your weight in a few months!
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