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Re: Is this normal...warning long, sorry

Originally Posted by paintedbison View Post
Better find your bag... The "snacking" will keep your milk supply up... there's really no need to discourage snacking. In the early weeks I would wake a sleeping baby if baby falls asleep at breast and encourage baby to eat more. But there is more danger to your milk supply in spaced apart long feedings than in closely spaced short ones. And lets face it: how many snacks do you eat in a day? And you're not trying to double your weight in a few months!
Dr. Jack Newman world renown breast feeding advocate and specialist gave me that very advice to not let him get used to snacking and not empting the breast but to space his feedings out to 2 hours with break between nursing -
i think it is also reasonably well documented that snacking -eating 6 small meals a day instead of 3 large ones will actually help you lose weight - obviously a side note to the actual nursing issue

I never suggested spacing her feeding far apart - just enough that baby is hungry instead of just unhappy and pacificing himself - so that she can rest and recoup a bit as well - which also will help her milk supply - getting rest that is - if laying down to nurse works for them and she can rest thats a great option but it doesnt work for every baby and mother pair - As i understood the original poster her baby is at breast almost continously through waking hours - even to the extent pee breaks are a challenge to get in between diaper changes and nursing

I emailed him [dr. jack] more than once in my son's two months and was happy to recieve prompt replies and direction - I suggest to the original poster this same course of action if you feel like the LC or pedi are not helpful or supportive

here is the link to the compression explanation for increasing milk intake
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