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Diaper Washing/Wool Washing and Diaper Creams

Originally Posted by EmnJJsMom View Post
This was taken from Butterfly Bunz with the owner's permission. (Thank you beepsmnms!

Wool Wash & Care

Wool only has to be washed once every 2 or 3 weeks unless of course it gets soiled. Wool has a self cleaning property in it called lanolin. If your wool feels damp or wet after wearing it, simply lay it out flat to air out and let the wool do its job of self cleaning. When the lanolin properties get too low, its time to lanolize them. Lanolizing only needs to be done every 2 or 3 months depending on how often its washed. The instructions below will help you care for your wool, for washing only, omit the lanolin step.

Here are the steps to caring for your wool:

1. Run your hot water until its good and HOT in the bathroom sink, allowing it to drain, once its hot turn it off for a few seconds to do step 2.

2. Put the plug in your bathroom sink and put your lanolin in the bottom of the sink, I use about a 1/2-1 inch glob of the lanolin.

3. Run a little hot water in the sink and add baby shampoo or baby wash to the water (wool wash may be used too). Only run enough hot water in the sink to break up the lanolin.

4. Run room temp water to fill the rest of the sink up.

5. Turn your wool wrong side out and submerge into the mixture in the sink and let soak 30 minutes (longer if you feel it needs more lanolizing).

6. After you're done soaking, lay a towel folded in half for you to lay your wool on; take the wool out of the water and gently squeeze the excess water out, do not ring.

7. Lay your wool on the towel and roll the towel up with the wool inside, gently squeeze as your rolling.

8. Lay flat to dry, I like laying them on one of those sweater racks. They take 24 hours sometimes to dry.

Beeps recommends the Northern Essence wool wash. Northern Essence

Add your wash routine and wash/lanolin recommendations too!
Originally Posted by beenwaitingalongtime View Post
Seems like there's a plethera of desperate mamas of rash-riddled babes, so I figured I'd post just once the alternative (if not odd) treatments my holistic ped has suggested. I figure that if you're frustrated enough, you'll be willing to try just about anything.

FWIW, DD has occasional bouts of horrid rashes--bright red bum w/ red sores that eventually turn into white open wounds DD's skin is really sensitive (i.e. her face breaks out from just about everything she eats) and I can relate most of her rashes to foods she's eaten, but regardless of the cause, the detergent we use (minute amts. of Allen's Naturally), our washing routine (cold soak, rinse/soak w/ TTO, 2 hot wash w/ Allen's, Rowynne's Garden laundry booster & cold rinse/double spin) we've used only homeopathic treatments and have never resorted to antibiotics. Our ped. has a list of treatments a mile long--none of which require zinc creams or meds. Want to hear them? Here we go...

--Natural Baby Bottom Balm by Naturally Luxe (in a deodorant-like twist tube so nothing on the fingers and contains beeswax, grapeseed, meadofoam, jojoba, shea and rosehip oils, vit. E and calendula) w/ ea. diaper change
--nekkie time as much as possible (we let DD go for an hour after bathtime)
--1-2 baths/day w/ warm water and lots of epsom salts to heal wounds
--stay-dry liners in dipe, if dipe doesn't have one already (we use minkee or OBV)
--squirt bottle w/ 30 drops ____ (an antibacterial wash) squirted onto bum and dabbed w/ dry cloth wipe *gotta find this bottle for the name*
--honey w/ TTO spread onto bum w/ ea. diaper change (TTO has antibacterial properties, while honey heals)
--garlic-infused oil (1/2C olive oil w/ 1 smooshed garlic clove marinated for 24 hrs.) spread on bum w/ ea. diaper change (garlic has antibacterial properties)
--Mullien Garlic Compound by Herb Pharm (olive oil extract w/ garlic, calendula, st. john's wort and mullien flowers) This is used a lot by homeopaths for ear infections, but for diaper rash can be dropped in the ears, too.
--calendula ointment (not gel--it has a bunch of other ingredients that can cause irritation) by Boiron used in place of diaper cream at the slightest sign of redness.
--sulphur (2-30c strength 3x/day for 3d) pellets (no joke. DD makes a miraculous near-recovery EVERY time we start these)
--during rash (or anything the body needs to fight--Winter colds, illnesses) infant probiotics (geradophilus)--we use Kasha Hope-- powder sprinkled onto food 2x/day

and finally, when the sores were really bad and we'd gone thru all of the above, then worried we might have yeast, we were given Cicatrisan ointment (have no idea what's in it beyond calendula, as it's in a foreign language) which has really helped to heal the wounds and save us from resorting to antibiotics.

Most of these things can be found at Whole Foods or online (or my peds office ) Yes, I'm aware most of these sound crazy--the garlic in the ears really threw me for a loop last time.

Anyone else have any non-traditional ideas to add?

Hope this helps a bit. I know how much it sucks to see your kid in pain from a seemingly untreatable rash.
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