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Question Am I expecting too much?

DD is almost 8 weeks old. She is bottle-fed (although that was not my first choice), and healthy by all definitions of the word. My problem is that she wonít fall asleep unless she is being held! (She slept for 5 hours STRAIGHT at 1 month old because she was held the WHOLE time by adoring family members) And once she does fall asleep, if I put her down, 50% of the time she wakes up again. For example, this all happened in the last 45 minutes: she ate, fell asleep eating, I put her down, she woke up, ate again, fell asleep again, was put down again, woke up again, ate, fell asleep, woke up, was put in the swing, and fell asleep there. Iím frustrated because I canít seem to ever put her down. When she is sleeping is when I want to get stuff done and I canít because she wants me. Help, mamas! Am I expecting too much?
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