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Re: Am I expecting too much?

I was going to ask if you were swaddling her. If you werent I would suggest it.

I dont think sleeping 5hrs straight at that age is realistic in most cases. The longest I would expect a baby that age would be about 1-2 hrs.

As far as only sleeping in your arms....I know all babies are different blah blah blah (yes, I have a very needy DD!!) but, I think to a point....they will get away with what you let them get away with. DD was the kind of baby who always wanted to be held....cuddled...ETC...but, when it came to sleeping I was a no budge kinda mama. My DS is almost 4 and we have had a lot of sleeping issues with him....So, I didnt want to repeat that with DD....Yes I had my times where DD would sleep in the swing or bouncy seat all night...but she WASNT in my bed or in my arms. But ya know...we dont have ANY sleep issues with her...where DS is full of them.
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