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Re: Need encouragement

O Mommy I am sorry you had that experience. It sounds like you are really dedicated to nursing your little one. I was wondering were you wanting suggestions on supply or were you looking for emotional support that you could do it? It sounds like you are doing it to me!!!! Just that you think about it and are taking actions to make it happen tell me that you are indeed making it happen. You are creating your own reality so good for you!!!

Also, would you like the information of the person you can contact about your bad experience. I wasn't there and can't speak for the leader but that certainly isn't the way LLL is suppose to work. It is helpful to hear experiences like that because it helps us to keep LLL in good standing. If you would like help PM me and I will be happy to help you.

In the meantime keep up the great work Mama!! Of course you can do it. You are doing it!!!
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