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I hate people like me...

*sighs* Just felt I need to come in here and pout a bit.

I have a problem with seeing babies being bottle fed in public. I always feel so bad for them! And I hate to think that way, because it's like I'm judging someone else's parenting methods, and I hate to do that. But I can't help it. It's involuntary.

So then with my DS, I feel like running and hiding in the bathroom when it's time for him to eat. I have a low supply, so I'm fine when he has to nurse in public. NO problems there. But when it's time to pull out his bottle, I'm so ashamed! And I know it's people like me (judging people who bottlefeed) that make me ashamed! How sad is that??

It's like I can hear people thinking "Look at that poor, misguided young mother, giving her baby formula instead of bm". And I just wanna scream "I'M TRYING!" But the truth is, people probably aren't even paying attention to me at all, let alone whether or not I've giving my son a bottle. But I almost have a panic attack every time I have to feed him in public!
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