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Re: I think I hate Pockets...

I find that If the insert gets too soaked, anything will leak, wherever it can. We're dealing with a "leaking out the top" issue right now too. . . A couple times the insert was barely wet. I'm experimenting with which pockets it happens in (I think it might be one specific one. . . Maybe we have buildup or something).

But overall, we love our pockets. You might want to try some different inserts before completely giving up! Our favorites have been a combination of microfiber (to absorb quickly) and hemp (to absorb the elephant sized pees). (Just got some baby kicks hemparoos fleecy prefolds and they work AWESOME . . . They hold a ton)

Good luck! And don't give up yet, you'll find something that works well. And then there will be something new you NEED to try anyway
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