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Re: How did your parents tell you about sex?

Sex I think when I came home pregnant at 16 my dad figured out that he didn't have to deal with the talk!!

Seriously though, I was raised by my father (my mother and I were just too different) and he had a hard enough time buying me my first bra and teaching me about my period (which is a whole different post). If he would've had to explain sex to me I think it would've killed the man. He is a very serious and uptight business man and I was his baby, I think the thought may not have even occured to him. I learned most everything from my friends and picked up the rest here and there (books, movies, common sense). I can say though that a fw things I didn't learn until well after I had my son Thankfully though my ex was also a virgin so we kind of learned together and there was no pressure. I ended up with dh when Alex was only 1 1/2 (and he was FAR from a virgin) so my expierence is withthe 2 of them mainly. I was never embarrassed that I didn't know and I have no clue how or when I picked up where babies came out but I did.

I am very open with my children so it will be different for them. My son learned pretty much all the basics when he was 7 1/2 and I was about to have his sister. He found out how she go there and how she was getting out, a womans cycle and all that good stuff. Since then he has learned the rest, a bit here and there as I find appropriate. My dd is turning 4 and I've decided not to lie or be vague with her so I already her where exactly the baby will come out unless I need a csection. She just thought it was funny and giggled

On another note, I took my son and his friend camping a few weeks ago. His mom had packed his bag and used her suitcase and he pulled out a few sposie pads (in a side zippered pouch) and they were laughing it up. My son had no idea what they were so I had to pull him to the side. He thought everyone used cloth like I did and thought it was even more gross to just throw that away. My dd has never seen a sposie pad either so she would've been just as confused, got to remember to explain that one.
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