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Re: I wanted to PLUG my ears!!!

I was a the stoer yesterday and witnessed something very similiar. I heard a baby crying and instantly I look because it sure sounded little. There was a TINY baby (seriously like weeks old) in her carseat screaming, turning colors. The mom was picking out diapers (another issue, I know) and the grandma was kind of standing there cooing at the baby. I am thinking "pick that baby up and comfort her". So the mom is totally ignorning it for awhile (I couldn't leave the asile at that point) and finally says "mom, can you grab her" and what does grandma say? "Just let her cry it out, she'll learn when it's time to be held and when it's not". I could not believe it and of course I was so stunned that nothing would come out of my mouth. Seriously how is a week old baby going to learn to deal with it? I mean she had a perfect enviornment and not is in this noisy cold world and just wants to feel safe and secure which is hello? your job as a mother!!

Obviously this upsets me and I feel your pain. Of course I wish I was someone that had witty somments on hand. That poor baby!!
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