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Re: BF in public. How do I deal?

My DS is a 'pop on and off' guy so NIP discreetly is harder for us. He also pulls down blankets. So i got a hooter hider (stoopid name) and it makes things a lot easier. and there's also something called a 'mama shawl' i think that i saw on another website.

And if the nurse came up to me like that I would have said sweetly "Oh no thank you, we're comfortable right here and i don't want to have to resettle her again."

In terms of discreetness without a blanket, I unhook my nursing cami with my shirt still down and bring DS up to my shirt before i lift it and latch him on - so it's fast and you can't really see anything b/c i use the top of my shirt to cover my bb.
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