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Re: BF in public. How do I deal?

Ahhhhrgh! Sorry you had to deal with this mama! I would complain to your ped first. Our peds office gives you a room if you want it, but when I was a newbie I liked to see the other moms nursing so I could see people's techniques.

This is how I nursed in public: church, bus, playground, barnes and noble, you name it.

I have a couple of great baby chenille blankets from target for some reason these worked the best.

Put dd up to the side where she would nurse, throw the blanket over, and pull open the top or the blanket a little so we could have eye contact, but no one could see anything, and then open my shirt and feed. She also liked to interupt feedings to unlatch and smile at me, so the blanket was necessary.

My sister was such a discrete public nurser that she never even used a blanket, she was really good at it.

Later on dd did not like nursing under a blanket, but at that point (about a year) we were really only nursing in the morning and at night. For those times, I wore "Boob" brand nursing clothing, I love thier stuff tottaly discrete, super cute but a little pricy.

I just always acted like nothing was going on, and when people gave me looks, I always gave them my best "isn't this the sweetest thing ever" smile. That throws people off.

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