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Re: I wanted to PLUG my ears!!!

Hearing this sort of thing makes me so sad.

We were at the mall yesterday, and we met a new dad carrying his 4 week old baby in a bjorn. We were all sitting on an outside bench, he was waiting for his wife and dh and I were feeding the kiddos. He seemed like such a nice dad, but I felt bad for him! He was telling me about how 'he knows he is supposed to let the baby cry, but its just so hard for him and it breaks his heart to do it' and 'he knows its not good for the baby to be in the carrier so much because he will get used to being held and end up spoiled but he liked to have him close' . He said "they" always say....*insert not nice baby advise here*. I told him I NEVER let my babies cry and that its GOOD for babies to be with their parents as much as possible. I pointed to my perpetually happy 9 month old and said that there were no traces of harm because of the constant carrying and love she got as an infant and continues to get now.

It made me so sad to think that this dad thought he was supposed to let his baby cry, and that he felt he was doing him harm by holding and cuddling and responding to him!
I hope that at least he saw a different way with our family.
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