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Re: Still no af 21 months & need some tips on 'gentle' weaning...

Originally Posted by kyle98sean02 View Post
My ds will be 21 mo on the 4th and I still havent seen AF and would LOVE o wean but he has absolutely no desire. He still nurses several times a day and every 2-3 hours at night I wopuld loe to end the night nursing but he flips if I even try to elay a feeding by a few minutes. God luck mama and if something gentle works, please let us know
WOW!! We are in the same exact shoes!! My ds nurses in this same pattern! I hear of so many just bfing for naps and bedtime, I wish it was like that for us! My child is addicted to his booby! It's so good to see someone else has an older baby that nurses this much like mine!
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