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Re: Still no af 21 months & need some tips on 'gentle' weaning...

Originally Posted by boomer View Post

Wellll, if you want to wean, I would generally recommend that you wait until spring. For one, the antibodies in your breast milk will protect your toddler from those nasty viruses that like to go around this time of year, and secondly, it is (IMO) easier to wean when you can distract your toddler. For instance, my boys NEVER want to nurse when they are playing outside! When I wanted to day wean Aydin as a young toddler (I was pregnant and couldn't take his nursing all day long anymore), I just took him outside to play a lot. I don't know what the weather is like where you are but it's easier if the weather is nice.

Also, keep lots of healthy, already prepped snacks handy. Maybe cut up fresh fruits & veggies in the morning and have them ready to pull out for your toddler when he wants to nurse. Or plan lots of hands on activities together, like play doh, puzzles, finger painting, etc. Anything to distract.

No other advice, but the above worked pretty well for me (we did not fully wean, though.) Good luck!
Thank you for these tips, I will certainly try them! Good advice to wait until spring too, I actually didn't think much about that! You are so right!
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